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On September 24, 2018, the official inauguration of the kindergarten on Farm Otjekongo took place.


The kindergarten was built with the financial support of Projekt Lilli e.V., as well as by a company in France. After months of planning and construction, the kindergarten could finally open its doors. The necessary schooling equipment, amongst them furniture, books, toys, teaching aid, and much more, was financed with donations.​


It was a hustle and bustle when the little ones could finally enter the new kindergarten. A trained kindergarten teacher, lovingly furnished the kindergarten down to the smallest detail. The deliciously decorated cupcakes and the lemonade conjured up a smile on the little faces.


Miriam, the head of the kindergarten, received her education at the Amos Meerkat School. She cares for the 30 children aged 2-6 years, who are accommodated in two classrooms. Activities range from singing, painting, playing, crafting and learning about the world and our environment.


While the women sort the devil's claw for EcoSo Dynamics and earn an additional salary, the children are now well cared for in the kindergarten. Children attending kindergarten at Farm Otjekongo will now have the chance to acquire a basic kindergarten education which will help them when leaving for school in the nearby villages and towns.

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Much of EcoSo’s Devil’s Claw harvest is collected in the North, specifically in the Zambezi Region of Namibia.

Unfortunately, this region falls victim to a lot of poaching of wildlife, especially rhinos and elephants. Anti-poaching units have no choice but to shoot to kill. During one of these poaching attacks, one of EcoSo’s longtime harvesters tragically lost his life and was killed. This left the rest of our harvesters fearing for their safety. The lack of trust lead to fewer harvesters working the fields which in return led to harvesters looking for valuable income and our work at EcoSo slowing down.

EcoSo had a meeting with the Ministry of Environment of Namibia. The meeting concluded that those who wished to work in the fields were to wear branded shirts, revealing their harvesting rights.

EcoSo Dynamics, together with two companies from France supplied harvesters with 600 bright yellow T-Shirts, marked with the slogan “TOGETHER AGAINST POACHING” on the front and back, as well as a devil’s claw and the names of supporting companies.

The bright shirts make our harvesters stand out from the Namibian landscape and make them feel safer. Since the introduction of the shirts, there have not been any more incidents or misidentifications.

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In July 2021 Ecoso Dynamics sponsored the drilling for water at the Kwando Conservancy for the Harvesters. They managed to find two holes with sufficient water, where a pump and two tanks were erected. Now the conservancy has sufficient water.

The second drilling is in progress in the Wuparo area, and hopefully, soon the dream of water supply for this conservancy will come true as well.

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